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Discover the unmistakable landscapes of the Po River

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Would you like to discover with us the unmistakable landscapes of the Po River?

We present Once upon a time there was a Drop, a tourism promotion project that offers different opportunities with the aim of learning about the Great River and its territories.
The idea was born from the collaboration between Unione Bassa Reggiana, Unione Pianura Reggiana and the municipalities of Calendasco, Castelvetro Piacentino, Gattatico, Polesine Zibello and Sarmato, in order to enhance the Great River, its territory and history.

Water is the element that unites these places, marking their traditions, economy and landscapes. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural circuits proposed, with the possibility of creating your own tailor-made itinerary for a personalized experience! 
The plain is the ideal destination for getting around on a bicycle or on foot, among picturesque corners scattered in the green fields. Along the routes, you will encounter dedicated signage, with anecdotes and curiosities about the territories and the possibility to listen to audio messages to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings.
The Bassa is nature, but it is also tradition and culture: the scene of battles and trade links with other places, the backdrop of numerous cinematographic works, the subject of paintings and snapshots, it offers visitors several museum circuits that will allow them to retrace the past of an area that has always been inextricably linked to the Great River that flows through it.

Finally, do not miss the many initiatives that take place along the Great River Auction. Each year there are many events involving both historic centers and natural areas. 
You will be able to find all the guided tours, concerts, food and wine events, river cruises and cyclotours in one calendar, so you can better organize your visit.

We are waiting for you for an unforgettable experience on our territory!


1. San Martino in Rio - Rocca di San Martino in Rio
2. Correggio - Palazzo dei Principi 
3. Rio Saliceto - Chiesa di San Giorgio Martire
4. Campagnola - Corte di San Bernardino da Siena
5. Novellara - Rocca dei Gonzaga
6. Fabbrico - Chiesa parrocchiale Santa Maria Assunta
7. Rolo - Museo della Tarsia
8. Reggiolo - Palazzo e Parco Sartoretti Rocca di Reggiolo
9. Luzzara - Torre Civica
10. Guastalla - Piazza Mazzini 
11. Gualtieri - Piazza e Palazzo Bentivoglio
12. Boretto - Circuito Museale
13. Brescello - Piazza Matteotti 
14. Poviglio -Museo della Terramara Santa Rosa
15. Gattatico - Museo Casa Cervi
16. Sorbolo Mezzani
17. Reggia di Colorno
18. Sissa tre casali - Rocca dei Terzi 
19. Roccabianca - Fontanelle
20. San Secondo Parmense - Rocca de Rossi
21. Polesine Zibello - Museo del Culatello
22. Busseto - Museo nazionale Giuseppe Verdi
23. Castelvetro Piacentino - Chiesa di S. Giovanni Battista e Palazzo Comunale
24. Castello di Calendasco
25. Castello di Sarmato





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Last update 09/11/2022