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The Emilian adventure into the Slow Mix

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The whole area within the perimeter of Visit Emilia is actually a large adventure park, where the Culture & Castles Network merges with the Food & Wine Network to create a unique immersive experience, but at the same time rich in nuances. Hence, a child-friendly trip between bridges, walkways and pulleys suspended between the trees can become the starting point for a deeper dive into the food and wine and artistic soul of the provinces of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia. In the name of Slow Mix.

  • Duration
    72 hours
  • Interests
    SPA & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop - Valtrebbia Adventure Park (Piacenza) Coli

    Crossroads of trails at the foot of Monte Tre Abati, the Val Trebbia Adventure Park is a collection of acrobatic routes among the trees in the natural area of ​​Coli. 

    If canyoning in the gorges and kayaking in the meanders of the Trebbia Valley, one of the most beautiful valley of the world according to the writer Hemingway, are activities for daredevils with a certain degree of experience behind them, the high-altitude itineraries turn out to be suitable for anyone. 

    A dense pine forest is the refuge for forest adventurers, who can have fun with walkways, rope bridges and cableways on a route designed for children from 4 years and 100 cm in height or on three different variants within the reach of children and adults starting from 140 cm in height. The equipment and assistance of professional instructors guarantee an extraordinary physical and emotional experience. 

    Not far away, Bobbio presents itself with its intertwining of streets and alleys as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Pearl of the Trebbia Valley and elected as "Borgo dei Borghi", it offers an extremely varied cultural menu, ranging from the Abbey of San Colombano to the Castle of Malaspina up to Ponte Vecchio. 

    Speaking about menus, Bobbio also stands out on the table with a wide choice of typical restaurants. Among these, the Piacentino Restaurant is worth a visit, specialized in dishes that reflect the genuine values ​​of the local food and wine tradition, such as local cured meats, fresh hand-made pasta (Maccheroni alla bobbiese, stuffed tortelli, pissarei and fasö) and second courses of meat cooked in moment with seasonal toppings.

  • Second stop - Forestavventura (Parma) Prato Spilla

    Under the peaks and in the woods of the Regional Park of 100 lakes, Forestavventura is a taste of adrenaline in total safety in Pratospilla.

    Summer is the ideal time to offer children of all ages the opportunity to experience nature from a different perspective, facing Tibetan bridges, suspended pipes and ladder or board walkways. In addition to the routes designed for three levels of difficulty, with tests suitable for the different preparation of the aspiring Tarzan - between swinging logs, beams and the final flight on one of the longest Tyrolean in Italy - the Park also offers guided nature excursions and relaxing walks in family. For those who prefer pedals, saddle and two wheels on their feet, a mountain bike rental service is also available. 

    The desire to savor Emilia offers the opportunity to enter the Val di Tacca, where the da Rita Restaurant and Hotel is an outpost of 0 km cuisine that offers dishes dominated by the unmistakable taste of Parmigiano Reggiano. 

    It is also worth going as far as Monchio delle Corti, a charming village that also includes the hamlet of Casarola, known for the Casa delle Ciliegie, a multipurpose center that represents a privileged place for the study and memory of the poet Attilio Bertolucci.

  • Third stop - Cerwood Adventure Park (Reggio Emilia) Cervarezza Terme

    The environmental and sustainability education center is a virtuous educational parenthesis within what is the largest adventure park in Italy. Presenting itself as “A forest of emotions”, Cerwood does not betray expectations thanks to 27 suspended paths among the centuries-old beech trees of Cervarezza Spa. The smart carabiners allow you to approach all challenges with the guarantee of full safety: zipline descents, crossings from one tree to another and Tibetan bridges thus lose the connotation of danger to focus on fun. That doesn't mean you don't need courage. After passing the tests marked with different colors, the most daring find themselves facing the Impossible Path and the Grande Tirola, famous for the 100-meter descent on the pulley. 

    If post-adventure relaxation is ensured by the nearby Cervarezza spas, the pleasures of the palate are entrusted to temples of good food such as La Baita d'Oro in Castelnovo ne 'Monti - with traditional home cooking focused on mushrooms and truffles (when season) which goes well with a visit to the Pietra di Bismantova - and the Rio Riccò farmhouse in Busana, where the typical dishes of the area, from tortelli to cappelletti, are prepared with ingredients produced by the same farm. 

    Not exactly adjacent but still reachable in about an hour, the Castle of Rossena is an authentic architectural jewel on the Reggio hills, founded by the great-grandfather of Matilde di Canossa a stone's throw from the year 1000.

Last update 18/08/2021

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