Rossena Castle

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Castello di Rossena

Located on the Emilia Romagna hills, in the Italian geographical heart, the Rossena Castle is an architectural jewelry, unique in Europe. Visiting it, is an extraordinary experience, but is also a wonderful experience stay in the Hostel build for the Jubilee of the year 2000.

The peace of the closer hills and the beauty of the historical Rossena Village, perfect for who wants a trip in the nature and in the history, keeping in touch with the traditional customs in the Region. 
It’s possibile to entry in the Castle through a stone arch; a little stair bring to the fortress which is composed by the central core of the internal tower and also by 21 rooms on different floors. 

The Association proposes guided tours, in costume animated tours, didactic labs, exhibitions, cultural events in collaboration with Castello di Canossa. 

The Castle hosts temporary and permanent exhibitions, cultural event all year. 


Last update 01/06/2021