Spa & Wellness in Emilia

Enjoy health and wellness at the Emilia's spas, from Salsomaggiore to Cervarezza

The many spas that Emilia has to offer are places where you can take care of yourself and experience pure relaxation.

Whether it be immersing yourself in a heated thermal water pool, a whirlpool with exotic essential oils or a purifying aromatic steam bath, one day at the spa always promises to be a relaxing experience and, when in Emilia, it can offer you a true getaway.

In fact, here in Emilia, it couldn't be easier to combine the therapeutic effects of thermal water with a trip to one of Italy's art cities, a tour around a castle or a food and wine tasting experience.

Here, you can find some ideas to start planning your next wellness break in our territory. 


Famous for the sodium, chloride, bromide and iodide found in its water, one of nature’s richest in mineral salts, and mentioned as far back as Roman times, Salsomaggiore Terme is the best-known town in Emilia-Romagna for its thermal baths. With its Liberty-style buildings, Salsomaggiore lies at the heart of two important itineraries, one being the Terre Verdiane and the other the Castelli del Ducato [Duchy's castles].

As for the spas, you are spoilt for choice: the most famous is Berzieri Spa, set in an Art Deco-inspired building that offers wellness treatments and emotional baths.
Alternatively, you can visit the Baistrocchi Spa, where you can relax in thermal baths and salt rooms. Not far from Salsomaggiore, you will find the Tabiano Spa, known as the Breathing spa due to its miraculous thermal water,  with its incredible benefits for bronchuses, ears, nose, throat and skin.

If you head towards Montechiarugolo, 10 km from Parma, you will come across the Monticelli Spa, with its array of thermal pools, a whirlpool and a modern SPA, while the Medesano hills are home to the S. Andrea Spa offering specialist therapeutic treatments.

Reggio Emilia

In Apennines of Reggio Emilia, the main place for your wellness is at Cervarezza Spa, immersed in the greenery of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park, and not far from the Cerwood adventure park, the biggest in Italy.


Last update 02/10/2021