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All the therapeutic properties of the unique Salsomaggiore waters

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In the heart of Salsomaggiore Terme, one of the most representative cities of thermalism in Emilia Romagna, you can find Il Baistrocchi Thermal Center, open all the year. Together with the establishments of the Terme di Salsomaggiore, Berzieri and Zoja, the Baistrocchi carries on the tradition that made this Emilian town famous, located a few kilometers from Fidenza.

The story of its birth is intertwined with the philanthropic spirit of its founder, Professor Ettore Baistrocchi, who in 1897 decided to inaugurate a Sanatorium to offer spa treatments even to less welthy citizens.

Those who visit the thermal center today can take care of their body, benefiting from the properties of the salsobromoiodic waters, or enjoy the new wellness center for total relaxation. 

The Baistrocchi also offers the opportunity to stay inside the complex, spending some days of total tranquility and wellness surrounded by a centuries-old green garden.

The thermal waters

From the depths of the Emilia-Romagna Apennines, Salsomaggiore is reached by waters with a high saline content, rich in bromine, iodine and sodium chloride, defined as hypertonic salsobromoiodic. The high concentration of these elements, as well as the characteristics of the natural sources from which they flow, make them unique in the Italian panorama.

Their uniqueness corresponds to large-scale therapeutic effects, of an anti-inflammatory, decongestant and stimulating type, which are reflected on various types of pathologies: from osteoarthritis and arthritis, to gynecological diseases, diseases of the respiratory tract, passing through venous insufficiency and children diseases such as lymphatism.

The Spa

The thermal waters release their beneficial effects also through the spa's treatments of Il Baistrocchi Thermal Center. In this space, guests can abandon their mind and body to the pleasant sensations of a bath in the thermal waters with hydromassage, letting themselves be lulled by the gentle bubbling of the water.

The pools represent one of the stops on the Acqua & Sale path, a 3-hour journey inside the spa that also includes the thermal steam bath and the detoxifying sauna, the invigorating hot and cold water lily showers and the invigorating ice and fog fountains aromatic cold.

Finally, wellness also includes massages and rituals offered by the spa, as well as beauty treatments. Among the various proposals, the anti-stress chrome massages, Californian, anti-cellulite and lava stones, and the romantic rituals for two or those "lightness" based on mud and anti-cellulite massages.


Last update 26/07/2021