European Photography 2022

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Reggio Emilia hosts exhibitions, installations, conferences, meetings, workshops, showings and performances, in various locations. The theme is: "An invincible summer”.

At a time like the current one of transition and growth, following a period of exceptional complexity, the phrase of Albert Camus "I was finally learning, in the heart of winter, that there was an invincible summer in me" leads to reflection on the inner forces that guide man in his actions in every moment of his life.

The latest art direction has been confirmed: alongside Walter Guadagnini, Diane Dufour - founder and director of the Paris-based exhibition space Le Bal, who already collaborated on the Festival from 2015 to 2017 - is Tim Clark, English curator and teacher, founder of 1000 Words, an online magazine that is a reference point for the contemporary photographic culture.


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Last update 28/03/2022

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