European Photography 2023

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    San Pietro Cloisters
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    Art and exhibtion, Festival
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    Culture & Castles
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    Apr 28 - Jun 11 2023
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Reggio Emilia hosts exhibitions, installations, conferences, meetings, workshops, showings and performances, in various locations. The theme is: "Europe matters: visions of a restless identity”.

This edition is focused on the complex current situation of Europe, to outline the roots of an individual and social identity that are constantly questioned. Starting from a reflection on the idea of ​​Europe and on the ideals that constitute it, with the theme "Europe matters: visions of a restless identity", the exhibitions bring to light questions on the current condition of the multicultural and globalized world we live in, a world in which Europe no longer exercises the spiritual and material hegemony that has been recognized for centuries. The artists trace, through the photographic medium, the dynamic and uncertain lines of an increasingly mobile and porous identity with the aim of giving meaning to the restlessness running through it.


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IAT Reggio Emilia
Via Luigi Carlo Farini 1/A Reggio nell'Emilia (RE)
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