The last guided tour of the year

New year's eve in Castell'Arquato

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    Dec 31, 2021
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On the last day of the year, to say goodbye to 2021, in Castell'Arquato, on the Piacenza hills, a guided tour of the Rocca Viscontea will reveal the New Year's traditions in the Middle Ages in Italy and in Europe.

The fortress, built to defend the village and highlight the imposition of the Visconti power on the territory, still dominates the town hall square with its over 35 meters in height and makes the profile of the village unmistakable for those arriving from the plain.

At the end of the visit, the last of the year, a toast in the Municipal Enoteca with wines from the Val d’Arda and a taste of Piacenza cold cuts.

The DOC of the valley is called Monterosso, it is actually white vinified still and sparkling wine, that comes from the union of different grapes. It owes its name to the red color of some hills in the valley, which, due to the strong ferrous component of the earth, have a characteristic red color. 
PDOs are those that are widespread throughout the province: salami, pancetta and coppa

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