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On the banks of the Trebbia river, on the western side, a few kilometers from Piacenza.

Why visit it

It's an area dotted with castles and the star of lots of historical adventures.

When to go and what to see

The best period to visit Gazzola begins in spring and ends at the end of autumn.

Places to see: the Castle, currently the Town Hall, S. Lorenzo Church. Nearby: Rivalta with its Castle and S. Martino church, Croara’s (private) villa, Lisignano Castle (private), Momeliano Fortress (private), Rezzanello Castle – (nowadays used for banquets and receptions) S. Savino Church and Monticello Castle (private).

Though private, all these buildings are worth seeing anyway since they contribute, together with the many others, to characterising the landscape of the province of Piacenza.

The area is part of the Gourmet Food and Wine Trail of ‘Colli Piacentini’ and of ‘Andando per castelli’ (visiting castles) horse trail. Sports: golf at Croara Country Club.

Several ancient objects, among which the Etruscan liver, have been found in the territory of Gossolengo.

Places to visit: the Parish Church and the Castle, which is a private residence. Visible from the outside, it characterises, with the many other castles in the territory, the landscape of Piacenza.

Nearby, in Settima, there are a nice 18th century private villa, which was probably built upon the ruins of a medieval castle, and the 18th century S. Maria Church.

Do not miss

Today the castle houses the city hall, in the town center the church of St. Lorenzo deserves a visit.
Not to be missed the statue, which welcomes visitors coming from Piacenza, is an elephant which commemorates the battle between Hannibal and the Roman soldiers, during which Rome was defeated thanks to the surprise effect of elephants. It happened in 218 b.C.

On the table

Piacenza cuisine expresses itself in the gastronomic and enological production in this territory between the river Trebbia and the Luretta stream.


Restaurants, clubs and discos light up the nightlife of the town and the surrounding area.

Keep Fit

The Ciclovia del Trebbia (cycle path) that leads from Piacenza to the Rivalta castle and continues to Statto castle, goes across the town.

It's also possible to play golf at the Croara Country Club.


The village of Rivalta with its Castle and the Church of S. Martino, the Villa (private) of Croara, the Castle of Lisignano (private), the fortress of Momeliano (private), the Castle of Rezzanello - (today used as a villa for banquets and receptions), the Church of S. Savino and the Castle of Monticello (private). The private buildings, although visible only externally, are nevertheless worth a visit as, together with the many other manors present in this area, they mark and distinguish the Piacenza landscape. 

Last update 30/03/2021

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