Castelnovo di Sotto

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Castelnovo di Sotto is located northwest of Reggio Emilia.

Why visit it

A farming and craft centre, from Longobard origin, later became an ancient fief of the Da Correggio family, then passed under the Este family and from these was assigned to the Marquises Gherardini of Verona (XVII-XVIII centuries). Extraordinary examples of Medieval rural courts remain in the surrounding countryside reclaimed by the Benedictine monks.

The town centre is characterized by the long main street of the town with porticoed houses and the IX-century Rocca (Fortress) reveals its castle-based origins.

The Church of the Madonna contains XVII-century canvases from the Po valley, including the Natività della Vergine (Birth of the Virgin) by Lionello Spada and the Crocifissione (Crucifixion) by Palma the Young.

When to go and what to see

In February at Carnival time, a very important event takes place: the “Castlein” Carnival, with a parade of floats and masks, famous all over the country.

Do not miss

The Mask Museum, a documentation and research centre masks, with antique metal moulds and original plaster models, and the Museum of Old Corking Machines, with almost 300 old corking machines (from 1600 to 1950) and objects of historical interest linked to wine bottling. 

Main events

Carnival - February
Parades of gigantic floats, masked groups, musical performances and gastronomic events.

Horse Fair - second Sunday of April
Games and attractions in the square, funfair, commercial stands.

S. Andrea Festival - last weekend of November
Market, funfair, sports and recreational events, exhibitions.

Last update 15/03/2021