Cadelbosco di Sopra

The area north of Reggio Emilia, located between the Crostolo torrent, the Enza River and the via Emilia road has been subject to extensive reclamation, by the Benedictine monks and by the Este family, over the centuries; this made the growth of important human settlements easier. Cadelbosco di Sopra is one of these.

It is an agricultural town whose numerous cooperative dairies and farms produce significant amounts of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Do not miss

The XVII-century church dedicated to San Celestino (and SS. Annunziata), with an elegant façade and a classic-style bell tower inside of which is an impressive organ by Triari.

In Piazza della Libertà is the "Monument to the Resistance" by Marino Mazzacurati.


At a distance of 5 kilometres is Cadelbosco di Sotto, of which it is worth mentioning the Church of SS. Annunziata (1513) and, next to the Crostolo torrent, the Botte Bentivoglio (1566), a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering; it is a 77 m-long duct that allows the water of the reclamation canal to pass under the stream bed. 

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