(Im)possible visions. Space, light, movement in the CSAC collections

The Palazzo Pigorini exhibition is closely linked to the exhibition created by CSAC Parma

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  • Place
    Palazzo Pigorini
  • Events
    Art and exhibtion
  • Interests
    Culture & Castles
  • Date
    Jan 20 - Mar 24 2024
  • Price

From January 20 to March 24 the exhibition inside Pigorini palace is dedicated to works of kinetic, programmed and visual art, playing on the interaction between space, light and movement. 

The exhibition explores, through the CSAC collections, the artistic research that established itself on the national and international scene between the end of the 1950s and the 1960s and which placed the relationship between art and technology, the design dimension at the center of its activity and group work, proposing new methods of viewing reality and an active relationship between work and spectator.

The exhibition at Palazzo Pigorini is closely linked to the exhibition created by CSAC in its headquarters, at the Abbey of Valserena, entitled "(Im)possible visions. Communication, utopia, project in the CSAC collections". 

The exhibition in Palazzo Pigorini is free to enter, while the one in Valserena is subject to a fee.

Visitors to Palazzo Pigorini will be able to receive a free lenticular postcard, which will entitle them to a discount at the Valserena exhibition.


  • Palazzo Pigorini
    Palazzo Pigorini, Strada della Repubblica, 29/a - Parma (Parma)
20 January - 24 March 2024
from Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 7pm
  • Free
+ 39 0521218967

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IAT-R Parma
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1 - Parma (PR)
+ 39 0521 218889 turismo@comune.parma.it Opening: Annual
Last update 02/02/2024

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