National Archeological Museum of Parma

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One of the most important museums in Emilia and one of the oldest in Italy is the National Archeological Museum of Parma (currently awaiting a new exhibition layout), in the Pilotta Complex, where you can admire not only the precious finds from the Roman city of Veleia, but also the wonders that emerged in the territory of Parma from the Paleolithic to the High Middle Ages.

There are Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan collections, the 12 statues of the Giulio-Claudia family and the famous Tabula Alimentaria coming from Veleia.  

The Museum was founded in 1706 in conjunction with the exploration of Veleia and was the first in northern Italy linked to an archaeological enterprise. 
It was Duchess Maria Luigia who enriched the museum with other ancient collections and placed it in the Palazzo della Pilotta.

Last update 11/12/2021

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