Amoretti archive. The face of the city in the short century, Parma 1922 - 1997

A tale in images of three generations of photographers

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    Palazzo Pigorini
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    Art and exhibtion
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    Culture & Castles
  • Date
    Sep 9 - Nov 5 2023
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From 9 September to 11 November, in the exhibition set up at Palazzo Pigorini, in the center of Parma, a selection of photos from the Amoretti photographic archive will be on display. The curators Cristina Casero and Andrea Tinterri have identified in the portrait a key to understanding the photographic archive, and the selected ones are compared with a hundred images, which testify through episodes, characters and places, the history of the city of Parma from 1922 to 1997.

The exhibition presents a story in images of the history of the city of Parma from 1922 to 1997 through the eyes of three generations of photographers: Armando, Mario and Giovanni who have portrayed famous people such as the opera singer Tebaldi or the entrepreneur Pietro Barilla together with other photos of important moments in the history of 20th century Parma.

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