New Year's eve at Rivalta Castle

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Rivalta Castle, immersed in its small borough, along Trebbia river, 20 minutes from Piacenza city, offers special events during the Christmas period.

The choice is wide and detailed and manages to differentiate according to the needs of families, couples or friends.

Letters and Wishes in the Castle

When: December 8, 2022
At 12 noon, guided tour of the castle, with a focus on children, duration 1 hour 20 minutes
Free Lunch
At 4 pm return to the castle for entertainment, duration about 1 hour
Get your Christmas letter or wish ready to make!
(In Italian)

Live Nativity Scene

When: Saturday, December 24
Through the streets of the village many figures stage the coming of Jesus. The 30th anniversary of the event will be celebrated in 2022.

New Year's Eve with Zanardi Landi Family

When: 31st December 2022

There's a wide choice with different proposals for families, friends and couples.

The first proposal to pass the whole night at the castle includes:

  • guided tour
  • dinner
  • toast
  • fireworks

But there is also the possibility to have dinner in other restaurants and then take part in:

  • guided tour
  • toast
  • fireworks

Each proposal includes the guided tour at the castle, an ancient fortress whose round tower dominates the river and landscape.

Capodanno con Violetta

When: Dec. 31
For children ages 3 to 8, New Year's Eve will be celebrated with Violetta, the imperfect wizardess who will ask the little ones for help in finding their wands.
The hour-long entertainment will start at 10:30 p.m., at the conclusion toast and viewing of fireworks in the village.

Last update 28/11/2022

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