The wolf oasis between yurta and shepherds

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Food Valley Travel

Day 1: Meeting at 10.00 am at Agriturismo Cà Cigolara in Borgo Val di Taro (PR) and packed lunch supply.
We start immediately on an excursion descending from the crest of the hill along a prairie where roe deer love to rest. Some spectacular glimpses of the valley lead us to the riverbed, here we can observe the presence of small invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians indispensable for a healthy ecosystem. We proceed forwarding into the dense forest of the Nature Reserve among majestic oaks and ancient chestnut trees, we treasure all the traces found along the way that testify to the presence of numerous wild animals. Life in the reserve has been flourishing for years undisturbed, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes and wolves will accompany us with the signs of their presence all along the way. Arriving near the visitor center of the WWF oasis we will be able to cool off just before attending the unique sheepdog show, the incredible activity of the shepherd dogs who lead an entire flock with simple commands given by the inseparable owner.
The shepherds Elena and Roberto will accompany us on a journey of rediscovery of ancient crafts and a life still conducted in step with the seasons.
Some taste of the fabulous cheeses produced from the milk of their sheep and we leave with a comfortable bus to return to the farm. We now have plenty of time to settle in the yurts and for a relaxing poolside aperitif right in front of the majestic Mount Pelpi while the last fallow deer graze just below us.
Dinner on a farm is a ritual of ancient traditions, from meat to vegetables to cheeses, everything is produced in the surroundings or even inside the farm, in fact we will visit the vegetable garden, the cultivation of red fruits, the Teresa pig and the Red bull as well as horses, chickens and rabbits.
Before going to sleep we take a night excursion to listen to the calls of the night, birds of prey, dormice and even wolves echo in the valley and will accompany us all night while we sleep in the heat of the Mongolian yurts built entirely of woven wood and wool.
Length 6 km
Difference in altitude 300 m
Duration 4 hours (stops included)

Day 2: The awakening in the yurt is a unique experience, the light of dawn that leaks from the colorful wooden door, the spectacle of the panorama that opens before us, the privileged position on the crest of the hill leaves us speechless every time .
The breakfast with the jams produced on the farm will load us with new energy to visit the nearby stable where milk is obtained for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano.
From here we can reach the torrent of crystal clear water to immerse ourselves in the activities of Emotional wilderness and perceive the nature around us with all our senses.
Length 4 km
Difference in altitude 200 m
Duration 4 hours (stops included)

• guided accompaniment and technical assistance for two days with a qualified and insured Environmental Hiking Guide
• Half full service in farmhouse with overnight stay in a yurt
• Activities with shepherds with sheepdog show

• Anything not mentioned in the inclusions

• We recommend comfortable and layered clothing, trekking shoes with sculpted sole, backpack, water bottle, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, personal material for the night, trekking poles, headlamp.

ADULT price from 13 years:
1 person -> 100.00 € per person
from 2 to 3 people -> 95.00 € per person
from 4 to 6 people -> 90.00 € per person
from 7 to 8 people -> 80.00 € per person

CHILD price from 6 to 12 years:
1 person -> 80.00 € per person
from 2 to 3 people -> 75.00 € per person
from 4 to 6 people -> 70.00 € per person
from 7 to 8 people -> 65.00 € per person

+ TOTAL FIXED FEE for reimbursement of expenses and overnight stay for the guide: 80.00 €

+ OVERNIGHT STAY in half board refuge:
• Adult -> 70.00 € / night / person
• Child from 4 to 14 years -> 50.00 € / night / person


- No penalty up to 8 days before the tour;
- From 7 to 3 days before the tour: 50% penalty;
- 48 hours before the tour: 70% penalty;
- 24 hours before the tour: 100% penalty.

Last update 10/12/2021

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