A journey through the animated history of Emilia

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Itinere s.r.l.

An Emilian safari to discover imaginary animals hidden in a heterogeneous jungle of art and history, which takes shape among the stones of castles, canvasses of painters and the marble of churches.

Reggio Tricolore – Itinere Product Club recommends a “Journey through the animated history of Emilia”. The Castelli del Ducato circuit offers an authentic overview of a fantasy story, populated by dragons and winged griffins, sea horses, two-toned anthropomorphic dogs and mythical animals such as mermaids, fauns and veiled sphinxes.

Guided tour to the Parish Church of San Giorgio di Vigoleno, lunch in a local restaurant, overnight stay in a hotel in the Piacenza area. 
Guided tour to the Castle of Torrechiara, visit and abundant tasting in a Malvasia producing winery in Torrechiara. Overnight stay in a hotel in the Parma area. 
Guided tour of the city of Reggio Emilia with a stop at the Lazzaro Spallanzani Collection in the Palazzo dei Musei with final tasting of local products. Dinner in a local restaurant in Reggio Emilia and overnight stay in a hotel in Reggio Emilia.

Price for minimum two participants for 4 days and3 nights valid all year.

Last update 06/12/2021

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