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It stands on a hill a few kilometres from Borgonovo Val Tidone, where the main activity is the cultivation of wine.

Why visit it

It's a small centre to visit for those who love wine and the rolling hills of the Apennines.

When to go and what to see

Located between Piacenza and Pavia, the area is characterised by the excellent wines of its hills, traditionally dedicated to viticulture.

What to see: in the village, S. Paolo Apostolo church and the 16th century building currently used as headquarters of the Town Hall; nearby the villages of Seminò, Montalbo and Vicobarone.

Do not miss

Not to miss: Church of San Paolo, Town Hall and remains of the 10th century Castle. All together they form the nucleus of the small village, which can then be left behind in search of one of the wineries present in the area.

On the table

Here the genuineness of the PDO and Piacenza recipes is inevitably to be paired with a DOC: Gutturnio, Malvasia or Ortrugo.

Main events

In the second half of the year some appointments of the Val Tidone Festival take place in the valley.

A fair dedicated to wine called " Festa dell'Uva" is held in September together with some events part of the Val Tidone Wine Fest.


Worth visiting are the small town of Seminò and Montalbo where there are some castles now private property and visible only externally.

Last update 03/04/2023

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