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Palanzano is in the Apennines of Parma, on the slopes of Mount Faggeto in the Alta Cedra valley.

Why visit it

A tourist resort along the Strada del Prosciutto e dei Vini dei Colli (The Ham and Wine route of the Hills) and not far from Corniglio and Monchio delle Corti villages, it is is very popular during the summer from which there are a number of walks offering views of the countryside.

Do not miss

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in Romanesque style between the 9th and 10th centuries, of particular value is the apsidal area in regular ashlars of gray stone, decorated with pilasters, hanging arches and fluted cornice.

The Church of Santo Stefano, originally built in Romanesque style in 1070 and modified between 1662 and 1669, the building retains some valuable Romanesque elements.

The military architecture of the Castiglioni towers.

Originally built in the late Middle Ages, the castle of Castione was long disputed between the Parma and Reggio Emilia branches of the Vallisneri, and in the 16th century the Castiglioni family took over and equipped it with three towers. Unused already in the 17th century, it fell into disrepair; around 1890 Domenico Castiglioni started the work of complete reconstruction of the three sixteenth-century towers, which were later abandoned and partially collapsed.

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