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South of Parma, Langhirano is located near the Parma stream and it is located on the Trail of Prosciutto and wines of the hills. 

Why visit it

Langhirano is surrounded by numerous factories for the Parma Ham production, appreciated and exported all over the world, and the Festival which takes place every September is dedicated to it. Some establishments are available for guided tours. 

Among the places to visit are the "Faustino Tanara" Museum of the Risorgimento at the Town Hall and the Museum of Parma Ham in Langhirano.

Do not miss

Parma Ham Museum

At the former Foro Boario, the Museum through photos and historical documents, tools, machinery and films, tells the process of producing the fine products of Parma's "Art of Salumaria". It is part of the circuit of the Parma Food Museums.

Keep Fit

Langhirano is connect to Torrechiara by the art path called Sentiero d'arte to pass on foot or by bicycle in the valley, suitable for everyone with the beautiful castle in the background.

Main events

Parma Ham Festival

Every year in September the famous Festival takes place in Langhirano with guided visits to the factories, a market with typical products, music and meetings.



Near Langhirano, about 5 Km, you can visit the beautiful Castle of Torrechiara, from the top of the homonymous village built by Pier Maria Rossi between 1448 and 1460, it enchants for its charm. Among the frescoed rooms inside, the Castle is known for the splendid Camera d'oro by Benedetto Bembo which celebrates the triumph of the love of the two young lords of the place, but also the prestige of the Rossi family in the Parma area.  
Thanks to the charm of Torrechiara, in 1985 was the set of the famous film “Ladyhawke”, a story of love and spells.

Also in Torrechiara passes La Via di Linari, the ancient path of about 115 km and divided into 8 stages that reaches Tuscany through the Lagastrello Pass.

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Torrechiara
Strada del Castello, 10 - Langhirano (PR)
+ 39 0521 355009 + 39 0521 355821
Last update 27/12/2020

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