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Collecchio is south-west of Parma in a beautiful area located between the hills and the plains and the main access road is the Statale della Cisa (SS62).

Why visit it

The historical and artistic presences preserved since the Middle Ages, when Culliculum was the possession of the bishops of Parma and a significant stop along the Romea road, are worth a visit.

When to go and what to see

Collecchio is an important stop along the Romea Way and shows testimonies of the period such as the church of San Prospero, founded in the 11th century AD, with the original apse with stone and brick decorations and a baptismal font dating back to the 12th century AD.
At the entrance of the town, a monumental gateway marks the entrance of the gardens of Villa Paveri Fontana, built at the end of the 17th century AD. Museums and monuments include the Museum of Country Life (Ozzano Taro), the Church of San Prospero (11th c.) and Villa Nevicati (early 19th century AD).

Among the museums, the interesting Museo Ettore Guatelli, originally the home of the master Ettore Guatelli, tells of the living conditions of workers through common objects such as hammers, pliers, shovels, and scissors. 

Villa Soragna, an early 19th century building not far from the ancient church, is surrounded by the 'Fortunato Nevicati' public park, full of centuries-old cedars and shady tall trees. The Villa is today a multi-purpose center of particularly active and appreciated cultural services. 

The Tomato Museum traces the historical events of the tomato, its cultivation techniques, the reconstruction of an ancient canning factory as well as the presentation of the product in gastronomy and art.


There are also two Regional Parks within its municipality: the Regional Taro River Park and the Regional Carrega Woods Park.

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Sala Baganza
Piazza Antonio Gramsci 2 Sala Baganza (PR)
telephone:+ 39 0521 331342
Last update 20/12/2020

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