Soragna Fortress

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    Piazzale Meli Lupi, 5 - Soragna
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Rocca di Soragna

The building has a squared plant, with 4 towers around a the fifth in the center of the principal facade and it is surrounded by a wide moat in the south-east side. It was build in 1385 by Bonifacio and Antonio Lupi, directed by Gian Galaezzo Visconti, Milan Duke. During 1500 it was restored and later it became the elegant residence of its owner and his families. 

Soragna Fortress was cited as an example of the unique example of Baroque style: its rooms has ancient furnish, realized in Venice. 

Very important are the frescos decorations, made by artist as Ferdinando and Francesco Galli Bibiena Brothers (mythologic representations and episode linked to the Family history), Giovanni Bolla (religious pictures), Giacomo Facchini (panoramic view and died nature), Giacomo Mercoli and Giovani Motta (scenes fro poesy and Italian , Greek and Latin literature).

Painters like Felice Boselli and the Brescianino, sculptures as Alvise Da cà e Alberto Oliva, carvers like Lorenzo Aili, Giuseppe Bosi and Cesare Ferrari are here presented. 

But also works made by Giovanni Amadeo, Nicolò dell’Abate and Cesare Baglione in ancient represent ancient centuries. 

Recent is the exhibition of some frescos’s pieces, detached from the wall of the Prince’s private apartment, made by Nicolò dell’Abate during XVI century. 

Close to the fortress, there is a wide “English” Park, with centuries-old trees, projected in 1833 by Luigi Voghera from Cremona City and uniform to the romantic taste with an artificial lake, forts, headlands and statues along the paths and between the spaces in the green. 

Last update 01/06/2021