Sanvitale Fortress

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    Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 1 - Sala Baganza
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Rocca di Sanvitale

Located in the center of the Village, it was build by Gilberto II Sanvitale voluntary in 1477, through the Galeazzo Maria Visconti’s, Milan Duke, approval and in the same year Visconti appoints Sanvitale Family Earls of Sala Baganza. 

The greatness and the splendor of the Fortress is linked to the different owners, from Farnese Family to Borbone Family, who had and transformed it. Later was conquered by Napoleone Bonaparte

Today the Fortress has the appearance of a long parallelepiped, divided in 3 floors, delimited by 3 towers. The Fortress today is only a part of the original structure: it’s possibile to see well the north-east Tower, the bridge for entering and the surrounding walls which inside there was the garden. 

On one side there is the remains of 1400s portico with cubic capitals owned by Oratorio di San Lorenzo. Inside there is also a big collection of frescos, pictorial decoration and plastic arts made my Ercole Procaccini, O. Samacchini, Cesare Baglione and Sebastiano Galeotti. 

Last update 01/06/2021