Palazzo Farnese Civic Museum

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    Piazza della Cittadella, 29 - Piacenza
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    Culture & Castles

The Civic Museums in Piacenza are in the majestic architettonic complex, in which there is also the Farnese Family's Palace, lordship of Piacenza, and the 1300 Citadel, build by Visconti Family which had a strong power in the City from the XIV century.

The Museums have different floors and in them there are l'armeria, the rooms of the sculptures and frescoes, the pompes of the Pharisees, paintings desired by the Duke Ranuccio II to celebrate his illustrious predecessors, the collections of glass and ceramics, the Museum of the Risorgimento, the Art Gallery, the Carriage Museum and the Archaeological Museum, with the Roman section under construction.

Between the excellences we can find the "Tondo di Botticelli", depicting Madonna adoring the Child with San Giovannino and the "Fegato Etrusco", a bronze model of sheep’s liver, a rare direct testimony of Etruscan religious practices, linked to divination by harpsichords.

Last update 01/06/2021