Locanda dei Pontieri

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    Viale lido Po, 11/13 - Guastalla
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    Accomodation Facilities
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Locanda dei Pontieri

Locanda dei Pontieri is in Guastalla (RE), in the old house where the "Pontieri" used to live with their family and where they worked out for the maintenance of the old bridge made with boats on the river Po.

In the middle of the Golena's nature, near the river Po, our Locanda wants to be an accommodation able to answer to all the different requests of the tourist and the traveller.

The structure is on the way of the cycle path VENTO which connects VENICE to TURIN and it offers the possibility to stay in hostel rooms or in wooden bungalow for the research of peace and privacy.

We propose to our guests and not only, other additional services like:

  • restaurant with traditional Emilian meals open everyday
  • relax area and smart working area
  • excursion, outdoor experience and sports equipment rent (bike, kayak and Canadian canoe) with also the help of hiking guide specialized

Last update 01/06/2021