Le Visite Insolite - Giacomo Galli

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    Località Taneto - Gattatico
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Le Visite Insolite - Giacomo Galli

Being both an environmental guide and a tour guide, my excursions want to tell and combine more elements of the visited place, passing from the environmental aspects to the historical, architectural, artistic and archaeological peculiarities..
Having walked my land inch by inch since I was a kid, I love the attention for the smallest and forgotten details, but no less interested or superficial.
The walks I propose are generally simple, in the open air, within everyone's reach, characterized by thematic stops to be enjoyed in complete calm and tranquility, perhaps even enjoying some local gastronomic delicacy! The Apennines and the Emilian plain are environments characterized by an intense historical and cultural sedimentation, that for centuries have accompanied and characterized the existing botanical, faunal and gastronomic peculiarities.

I wait for you for an exploration in your company!

Last update 01/06/2021