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Il Poggiarello

Il Poggiarello was born in the early 1980s out of the need of young Ferrari and Perini to confront quality winemaking.

The search for a place capable of combining natural beauty with a quality wine vocation directed them to the Trebbia Valley, one of the most evocative valleys of the Emilian Apennines.
A rustic farmhouse from the mid-19th century repurposed with expert maintenance work.

From the old porch overlooking a cool garden and from the terrace above, there is an enchanting panorama with views of Piacenza and the castles surrounding the Statto plain.
In these ideal and serene spaces, one is accompanied to discover the flavors and aromas of a consistently excellent production. 

Twenty hectares of eco-sustainable land, farming systems, soil management, vegetative containment, cluster thinning and strictly manual harvesting characterize Il Poggiarello and guarantee a production of sure quality.

The spirit is to guarantee each bottle a history and individual care that starts from the selction of the vines that best suit the soil, the climate, the biological requirements and that ends with cutting-edge production processes, respecting the Piacenza wine tradition. 

Guided tours and tastings with the possibility of purchasing the products are available upon reservation. 

Last update 01/06/2021