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Museo Ettore Guatelli

A museum out of the ordinary. Outside the box. Out of time. Ancient, archaic, very modern. Of yesterday, of today, of tomorrow. A space of the memory that tells about us, about what we have been, about ours daily life, even the most intimate, but alive and pulsating, capable of offering ideas for what we could be tomorrow. A guardian of civilization
One can only define the extraordinary collection in this way of the Ettore Guatelli Museum: 60,000 objects of daily use that everyone together, in a choral way, cover the walls of the rooms, a time of agricultural use, without interruption. Yes they can admire one by one, understand their use, manufacturing, origin, imagine the stories of women and men who of those objects were used. Or we can choose to leave each other to be moved by the whole, by the "everything": the unique work of a man who, with passion sought them, wanted them, understood them, exposed them artistic way, to show everyone their beauty, listen to the their story. But most of all: to declare their dignity out loud.

Museo Ettore Guatelli’s walls, a extraordinary museum located in Ozzano Taro, near Collecchio, where the objects on the walls and ceilings, following geometric shapes and creating a scenographic effect with visive suggestions. 
The Museum is the result of a collection and an exhibition made by Ettore Guatelli (1921-2000) during his life and today, thanks to the Ettore Guatelli Museum Foundation, it hosts visitors from all over the world. 

The Museum today is managed by Ettore Guatelli Museum Foundation, which was established for the purpose of collecting the legacy of Ettore Guatelli. 

The Ettore Guatelli Museum offers a discount on entrance fees to "zero-emission" visitors, meaning groups of walkers, hikers or cycling tourists who can be welcomed here, visit the museum, use the rest areas and, if booked in advance, receive a refreshment service.

Last update 01/06/2021