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Buzzetti Farm

The Farm Buzzetti Fabio, family-run for three generations, is set in the countryside near Piacenza, an hour from Milan, between vineyards, fossils, forests and ravines.
The origins of the winery dates back to the early twentieth century when grandfather Giovanni cultivated vineyards and its grounds. His two sons Peter was to continue the agricultural tradition set by his father, giving the company a more entrepreneurial; Today the company is run by his son Fabio, with his wife Sabina, and combines innovation and technology to more traditional techniques of farming and wine production.

The farm has an area of 12 hectares, most with vineyards, and offers high quality products, white and red wines DOC Colli Piacentini and table wines typical of the area. Sparkling wines are produced with the ancestral method "sur lie" of natural fermentation in the bottle. The vineyards produce grapes selected typical of the area and the sediment, with the possible veiling wine, comes from the choice not to filter the must to protect the spontaneous evolution of the wine itself. From the experience of the cellar does the choice of keeping the crown cork, to favor the perfect preservation of wine.

The wine list includes the best Doc Piacenza: Monterosso Val d'Arda (sparkling white semi-dry), Ortrugo (sparkling white dry), dry Malvasia (sparkling white), sweet Malvasia (sparkling white), Gutturnio (sparkling red sweet), Bonarda sweet (sparkling red) and Barbera (red sparkling bitter).
The winery also offers still wines: Petrus, Gutturnio reserve Doc 2010 aged 24 months in oak casks and dedicated to the founder of the company, Solecurtus, Monterosso Val d'Arda Doc Colli Piacentini, Lunatia, Gutturnio Doc Colli Piacentini, and Niso, a raisin Malvasia.

The company is always open and you can buy the wine throughout the year, in the carboy, bottle or jug, taste it in the tasting room, in combined with meats and local products; holders are available for visits to the historic cellar, with the area of wine aging, the new production area, with barrels steel refrigerated, and vineyards, whose soil is rich in minerals and fossil remains dating back to geological Piacenziano.
Possibility of home deliveries and deliveries in Italy and abroad; in the company welcome in English, French and German, ample parking for cars, RVs and buses, barrier-free access, free wireless DSL service, customized packaging and large areas relaxation in nature.

Last update 23/06/2021