BnBiz Coworking Hotel

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    Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 127 - Fiorenzuola d'Arda
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    Accomodation Facilities
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BnBiz Coworking Hotel

BnBiz is the first Coworking Hotel in Italy. It overlooks the central square of Fiorenzuola (near Piacenza) and is the perfect solution for business trips (and not only), offering a perfect mix of technology, innovation, dynamism, relaxation and comfort.

The spaces are designed to favour a relaxed, bright, stimulating environment, where it is possible to share both work experiences and moments of leisure and pleasure.

In addition to the modern bedrooms, equipped with private bathrooms and all the latest technological supports, the facility offers spacious common rooms and meeting rooms, to allow a serene coworking activity, working in a quiet and smart environment, with the possibility of sharing ideas and exchanging ideas with other guests.

There is a lounge area with a communal kitchen, where you can comfortably prepare quick lunches, and a magnificent terrace with a view where you can share the pleasure of food or simply enjoy moments of rest.

Ideal for nomad workers, business men but also travellers who want to have an unforgettable experience in contact with the locals.

The Hotel is also an Art Gallery, hosting works of art by young artists from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Last update 01/06/2021