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Osteria Antica Rocca

Antica Rocca is a historic local Restaurant in the heart of Parma countryside; it's just 15 km far away from this beautiful town. Antica Rocca is managed by a young staff led by Ilaria Consiglio, a skilled host and a passionate researcher of typical cured meats and local products. 
Everything entering her kitchen is transformed into delicious recipes.
Ilaria will introduce you to the best Parma tradition which means good food, combined with a pinch of modernity; the summer garden dedicated to aperitifs and music is worth experiencing.

Looking at the restaurant menù, you have absolutely to taste the local dry cured pork meats such as the famous "Culatello di Zibello Dop", the rare "Spalla Cruda" or "Spalla Cotta di San Secondo", matching torta fritta a kind of fried bread. Among the first courses, homemade pasta is a real must: Tortelli filled with spinach or pumpkin, Anolini in broth and Maltagliati with Spalla Cotta ragout, one of Antica Rocca’s most historic recipes. 
What about second courses? Horse meat (Parma people are connoisseurs), the traditional stuffed guinea fowl or duck, glazed with orange. During summer time, in the green garden and under the careful artistic Ilaria's direction, the barbecue dominates!
Wines are carefully selected to exalt the cuisine: from local varieties, to famous Italian bottles, to fine Champagne.

Last update 01/06/2021