The Path of Waters

A flat path between nature and waterways

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The "Path of Waters" is the right walk to breath deeply and capture every fragment of suburban landscape.

A relaxing walk of about 2 hours (11 km), without demanding climbs and descents, which offers a surprise ending. Following the cycle path that starts from the Salsomaggiore station, enters the flat universe of the fields adjacent to the Ghiara watercourse up the town of Ponte Ghiara.

Reassured by the colors of a bucolic embrace, you can then decide not to go back immediately along the railway but, rather, to continue among the huts and completely change your plans, entering the Stirone Park even as far as Fidenza.

From here, after having followed a sunny path, it is also possibile to choose to return Salsomaggiore Terme by train.

  • Duration
    24 hours
  • Interests
    SPA & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop - Salsomaggiore station Salsomaggiore Terme

    The itinerary starts from the Salsomaggiore railway station, an expressive monument of typically twentieth-century artistic and urban influences.

    In white and pink travertine, the station was designed by the engineer Cervi on the model - on a smaller scale - of the Central Station of Milan and inaugurated in 1937.

  • Second stop - Ponte Ghiara Salsomaggiore Terme

    The hamlet of Ponte Ghiara is a stop on the Salsomaggiore - Fidenza cycle path. 

    This small town is surrounded by nature and runs along the Ghiara stream.

    According to visitors, it can be considered one of the most beautiful slopes in the province, and it is equipped with rest areas and children's play areas.

  • Third stop - Cattedrale di Fidenza Fidenza

    Along the Via Francigena the splendid Cathedral of Fidenza, dedicated to San Donnino, dates back to the 12th century and is a splendid example of Emilia-Lombard Romanesque.

    Three gates can be recognized on the façade. The lateral ones: the "gate of Life", flanked by colums supported by rams, and the "gate of Death" flanked by colums supported by telamons.

    The central door is "guarded" by two column-bearing lions. Above this door we have a precious bas-relief depicting the life of San Donnino, patron saint of the city.

    Three doors lead into the church which is divided into three naves, divided by colums joined by cross vaults; the altar is raised, and you can access it thanks to a series of smooth white marble steps and admire the choir.

    The Cathedral of Fidenza is nominated as a UNESCO cultural and natural heritage site.

Last update 16/12/2022


IAT Salsomaggiore
Largo Roma 8 Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)
+ 39 0524 580211 Opening: Annual
IAT R Fidenza Casa Cremonini
Piazza Duomo Fidenza (PR)
+ 39 0524 83377 Opening: Annual

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