Four valleys on two motorcycle wheels

Discovering the territory of Piacenza by motorbike

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The province of Piacenza is perfect to be discovered by motorcycle. 

The land is rich in state and provincial roads, which connect the main villages and natural beauties of the land. 

Bikers can enjoy the thrilling winding roads and the breathtaking landscapes.

  • Duration
    72 hours
  • Interests
    SPA & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop - Castell'Arquato Castell'Arquato

    The journey starts at the highway exit of Fiorenzuola d'Arda (A1), take the ring-road to Bologna until the exit Castell'Arquato. After 10 kilometres driving into the plain, the village outline gets slowly visible.

    After crossing the bridge, it's recommended to reach the parking place in Piazzale Cima, where you can leave the motorcycle to continue the visit on foot.

    Don't miss a visit to the ancient Collegiata, the climb to the Rocca Viscontea with a panoramic view over the surroundings landscape and a nice break in the square, enjoying a glass of Monterosso wine (DOC wine from the Arda valley) paired with local cold cuts.

  • Second stop - Veleia Romana Veleia Romana

    Back on the motorbike, take the road going down, pass through the "Porta di Sasso" and follow the directions to Lugagnano Val d'Arda.

    Continue on the same road following the signs to Veleia.
    This road passes among the hills and the country-side, in a relaxing atmosphere where time still follows the rhythm of nature.

    Once in Veleia Romana, the visitor's gaze will be captured by the wide archaeological area. In this site there are the thermal baths, the Roman forum and some house ruins. Inside of the Antiquarium it's possible to discover and understand the importance of the archaeological finds. The most important one is the Tabula Alimentaria Traianea

    Now it's time to find a place to rest for the night, perhaps in a place between Rustigazzo and San Michele, where you can find local mountain products. 

  • Third stop - Gropparello Gropparello

    The second day is dedicated to the discovering of the Chero and Nure Valleys.
    Starting from the top of the hill, going down to Rustigazzo, take the provincial road n.14 on the right bank of the Chero stream until the sign for Gropparello. 

    Following the sign, pass close by Magnani and then through Mandola and Castellana villages.
    Just before arriving in Gropparello, a stop in Bersani is recommended. This small village is also known as "Borgo delle fiabe (Fairy tales village)" because of some scenes of fairy tales painted on the walls of private houses. 

    After this plunge into childhood, you are ready to visit Gropparello Castle. It's the most ancient one in the province of Piacenza. In addition to the traditional tours, the castle offers also excursions in the Vezzeno valley gorges, for nature lovers.

    At the end of the visit, it's almost lunch time! In this area you can try traditional local food: pissarei e fasò, tortelli con la coda or anolini in the cold season.

  • Fourth stop - Bettola Bettola

    Leaving Gropparello you will travel along the inland part of the territory, ideal for those who love curves. Leave the municipality from Via Marconi, which then becomes Gelati Municipal Road. Go up to Montechino, here the road is a low traffic one, it climbs gently and offers panoramic views of the hinterland.

    After Montechino, the road passes through Località Croci and reaches Groppovisdomo. The curves of Provincial Road 10 come to a fork, here it's necessary to follow the sign for Bettola. The road begins to turn north and descend towards Vigolo. At the end of the hairpin bends, the municipality of Bettola is in front of you.

    In the main square there is a statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus, because it is thought that the navigator's family had its origins here. There is also the Museum of Christopher Columbus in the town of Pradello, visitable by appointment.

  • Fifth stop - Bobbio Bobbio

    The last day cross the mountains between Val Nure and Val Trebbia to arrive in the village of Bobbio.

    From Bettola the road climbs up to Farini d'Olmo. Here it's necessary to take the Provincial Road 57 toward Mareto, along which it's possible to enjoy some viewpoints at Sella dei Generali and Passo di Santa Barbara. Finally descend to Bobbio, after a journey of just over three hours through forests, up and down the mountains enjoying nature.

    Named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Bobbio is the home of motorcyclists, and its local saint, St. Colombano, is also their patron saint. 

    In addition to its typical dishes, such as Maccheroni and pins, not to be missed are, above all, its architectural beauties, such as the Ponte Gobbo, also known as the Devil's Bridge, the Abbey of San Colombano, with its ancient floor mosaic, the Cathedral, with its 19th-century blue starry skies and, finally, the Malaspina dal Verme Castle, which dominates the landscape from above.

    During the summer months there is, also, the "Bobbio Film festival", an important film festival directed by Marco Bellocchio, a director born in Bobbio.

    Once the stay is over, the road takes you back to State Road 45, which allows you to enjoy one of the most beautiful valleys in the world (quote from E. Hemingway).

Last update 30/10/2023


Tourist Information Office Castell'Arquato
Piazza del Municipio Castell'Arquato (PC)
+ 39 0523 803215 + 39 0523 803563
IAT Grazzano Visconti, Val Nure & Val Chero
Viale del Castello 2 Vigolzone (PC)
+ 39 0523 870997 Opening: Seasonal
IAT Bobbio
Piazza San Francesco Bobbio (PC)
+ 39 0523 962815 Opening: Annual

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