PDO Salame Piacentino

An exquisite delicacy from Piacenza

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Alongside the dry cured cold cut coppa and pancetta (similar to pork belly bacon), PDO Salame Piacentino is the most iconic salami of the Piacenza province. Made from lean and fatty cuts of pig farmed in the Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy regions, the characteristic qualities of this typical delicacy from Piacenza are its coarse grain, soft texture and spiced flavour.

Cold cuts have been calling Piacenza their home for many centuries. The first evidence of pig farming in this area can be traced all the way back to Roman times. But it wasn’t until the Middle Ages and even more so in the fifteenth century that production of cold cuts increased, helped by the area’s favourable climatic conditions, and the first exports to neighbouring regions such as Lombardy took place. In the eighteenth century, trade expanded up and over the Alps to reach France and Spain.

To be considered authentic PDO Salame Piacentino, the salami must meet strict specifications set by the Consorzio Salumi DOP Piacentini. Its distinctive flavour comes from just the right amount of salt, pepper, garlic, wine and sugar that are added to the minced meat, and from an ageing process that lasts no fewer than 45 days.


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Sliced into rounds, this salami is perfect for a fantastic apetizer, reaching its best flavour when served with the traditional gnocco fritto (typical fried bread buns) or as an accompaniment to fresh figs, and tasted with a glass of Gutturnio or Colli Piacentini Bonarda wine. You’ll find more ways to enjoy this salami at the Salami festival in Sarmato, held every year in May. 


Last update 23/07/2021

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