Valentine's week end at the Gropparello Castle

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  • Place
    Via Roma, 84 - Gropparello
  • Events
    Hiking and guided tours
  • Interests
    SPA & Outdoor, Culture & Castles
  • Tags
    Valentine Day
  • Date
    11 - 14 Feb 2023
  • Price

Over the Valentine's weekend it will be possible to combine various activities at Gropparello Castle in the Piacenza Apennines.

Valentine's Day Mon Amour: Love and War in the shadow of the crenellated walls

When: 11-12 and 14 February
Where: Via Roma 84, Gropparello
Special guided tours dedicated to the great loves and the tragic ones that saw protagonist Rosania Fulgosio, now ghost of the castle.

Valentine Mon Amour and lunch or dinner in the castle

When: 11-12 and 14 February
Where: Via Roma 84, Gropparello
The themed guided tour is complemented by an intimate and romantic moment in the castle tavern.

Gropparello stands in the hills of the Val Chero, in the heart of the province of Piacenza. Around the castle, nature offers fascinating landscapes and literally fairy-tale views. In the nearby village of Bersani along the main road, internationally known fairy tales and fables are painted on the walls of the houses.

Last update 11/02/2021

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