Guided tours of the castle of Castelnuovo Fogliani

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    Castelnuovo Fogliani
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    Hiking and guided tours
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    Culture & Castles
  • Date
    Jun 4 - Oct 8 2023
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The visits are free of charge and guiding visitors to discover the architecture and art of the Piacenza manor of Castelnuovo Fogliani will be Alessandro Malinverni, director of the Gazzola Museum in Piacenza.

The scheduled dates are: 4 and 25 June, 16 July, 10 September and 8 October at 3.30 p.m. - 5 p.m.
The guided tour will last approximately 80 minutes and will include a visit to the Church of San Biagio, the main frescoed rooms of the residence, designed by architect Luigi Vanvitelli, and the Italian-style garden.

For information and compulsory booking, contact the Municipality of Alseno on 0523/945500.

Download the complete programme.

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