No Home from War: Tales of Survival and Loss

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Until 30 July the Reggio Emilia-based Collezione Maramotti hosts the first exhibition in Italy by the Irish photo-reporter Ivor Prickett

With over fifty photos taken in conflict settings from 2006 to 2022, the exhibition represents the largest exhibition of Prickett's work to date. The photographer began to work in Europe and the Middle East with the urgency of denouncing the effects of wars on civilian populations, on the lives of devastated and uprooted people, regardless of belonging to one or the other side.

Starting from an intimate and domestic dimension of the long-term social and humanitarian consequences of conflicts (Croatia, Abkhazia), Prickett moved into places of forced migration, to lands of sought-after refuge (Middle East and Europe), up to first line in combat zones (Iraq, Ukraine).

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