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For the feast of Corpus Christi, the central nave of the cistercian Abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba, in the municipality of Alseno (PC) along the Via Emilia, will be decorated by the stupendous flower carpet, better known as the "infiorata," prepared by the monks with the help of the local faithful.

This is an almost millennial tradition created by the Cistercian monks, who intended to solemnize the feast of Corpus Christi, then extended to the universal Church by Pope Urban IV in 1264 through the intercession of St. Juliana of Liege, also a Cistercian nun. 

Juliana was born in Retinne (near Liège) in 1191 and took the veil in 1207. Vowed to a life of contemplation and prayer she had many visions: pre-eminent over all was that of seeing in the symbolism of the liturgical cycle the lack of a solemnity, that of the feast of the Blessed Sacrament. To promote it she worked with all her might, aided in this by the archdeacon of Liege, James Troyers.

He, who later became Pope Urban IV, introduced into the Church the feast of "Corpus Christi," which was then solemnized with the institution of the traditional procession, preceded by the scattering of flower petals (the so-called "Infiorata").

For the year 2022, it will be possible to admire the spectacle of flowers decorating the abbey during public opening hours from June 19th to July 3rd.

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