Valtidone Wine Fest

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  • Place
    Piazza Garibaldi, 18 - Borgonovo Val Tidone and others places
  • Events
    Multiple events, Festivals and celebrations
  • Interests
    Food & Wine
  • Date
    4 - 25 Sep
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The Valtidone Wine Fest is staged from 4 to 25 September. Wine, the protagonist of the hills of the last Emilian valley, nestled between Liguria, Lombardy and Piedmont, becomes a reason for meeting, celebration and joviality.

Within the Valtidone Wine Fest the many variations of this nectar that the grapes give are celebrated: red, white and rosé, sweet, dry, still and sparkling. Each offers various possibilities of pairing with dishes of the gastronomic tradition that makes Piacenza the province that opens the Food Valley.

The protagonists of the 2022 edition are Borgonovo, Ziano, Alta Val Tidone and Pianello.


Ortrugo & Chisola

Borgonovo Val Tidone, near the Rocca
September 4th
The combination of autochthonous white wine from the Piacenza area and the typical focaccia with ciccioli will be the theme of the day in the shadow of the municipal fortress, where producers will present the best of their production.

Seven hills in Malvasia

Ziano Piacentino
September 11th
Among the streets of the most "vineyarded" town in Europe for the density of vineyards, you will immerse yourself in the tastings of Malvasia di Candia, proposed on the tasting counters in all its forms and with a nod to the genius Leonardo Da Vinci who loved it.


Alta Val Tidone, town of Nibbiano 
September 18th
The traditional event that celebrates the combination of local wine and foods this year will have the novelty of the focus on Val Tidone oil.

Sparkling Pianello

Pianello val Tidone, Piazza Madonna
September 25th
The wineries of the area will let you taste the best of their production "with bubbles", with a focus on Gutturnio, the most typical wine of the Piacenza area, and in combination with gastronomic excellence.

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