The Carolingian burial ground of Montecchio Castle

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Counted among the Matildic Castles, linked to the figure of Matilda of Canossa as it is inferred from an autograph document of the great countess dated 1114 and from the strategic position, in the middle course of the Enza valley, the Castle of Montecchio (RE) whose current structure dates back to the late Middle Ages, reveals in the basement a vast Carolingian burial ground dating back to the VIII - X centuries.

Here 28 burials have been discovered, inhumation tombs arranged in a ritual sense towards east-west, without grave goods. 
The tour of the burial ground is completed by the calcara, a furnace for the production of lime, active between the tenth and eleventh centuries, and traces of ancient foundations of a probable "ecclesia S. Ambrogi". 
In the eastern part of the underground are preserved a gunboat and two graves still intact.

Last update 11/12/2021

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