Open Theatres in Reggio Emilia

From 2 to 5 June 2022 Visit Emilia opens the curtain to historial theatres in Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia

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  • Place
    Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio, 1 - Reggio nell'Emilia and others places
  • Events
    Opera, theatre and dance
  • Interests
    Culture & Castles
  • Date
    2 - 5 Jun 2022
  • Price
    Some paid events

Reggio Emilia
Inaugurated in 1857, with its porch dominated by a cornice decorated with 14 statues, it shows a grandiose stage, on which is installed a fine Montesanti organ of 1815, and a large backstage. In the elliptical room, there are four orders with 106 boxes, the royal stage and a loggia. The third curtain "Siderea", was made by the artist Omar Galliani, in 1991.

  • 3 June '22: at 4.30pm, 5pm, 5.30pm
  • 4 June '22: at 11am, 11.30am, 12pm and at 4.30pm, 5pm, 5.30pm

Info and reservations:
Participation for a fee; for prices click here
Tel: +39 0522 458854
Social: FB iteatri - IG: iteatri_reggioemilia

The guided tours in the city centre will start after the first tour in Teatro Valli, the guide will welcome tourists in front of the theatre:

  • 3 June '22: city tour starting at 5 p.m.
    time of visit: about 1 hour and 30 minutes (maximum 25 people)
  • 4 June '22: city tour starting at 11.30 a.m.
    time of visit: 1 hour and 30 minutes (maximum 25 people)

Info and reservations:
Tel: +39 0522 451152


Guastalla (Reggio Emilia)
One of the ten oldest theatres in Italy, it was designed in 1671 by Anronio Vasconi by order of Ferrante the Third Duke of Guastalla. Despite the restoration carried out over the centuries, the current appearance maintains the horseshoe plant and the original layout of the facade.

  • 5 June '22: at 3.30pm

Info and reservations:
Free participation
Possibility of guided tour to the old town of Guastalla
Tel: +39 0522 839761 - +39 0522 839756
E-mail: -
Social: FB: teatrocomunaleruggeroruggeri - www.guastallaculturaeturismo

Information offices

IAT Reggio Emilia
Via Luigi Carlo Farini 1/A Reggio nell'Emilia (RE)
telephone:+ 39 0522 451152 Opening: Annual
UIT Guastalla
Via S. Gonzaga 16 Guastalla (RE)
telephone:+ 39 0522 839763
Proloco Guastalla
Via Gonzaga 16/4 Guastalla (RE)
telephone:+ 39 328 7943204 Opening: Seasonal
Last update 10/05/2022

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