Spring break in Parma


Spring break in Parma

Alternative itineraries to visit “1968. Un anno”, an exhibition on the Italy of the change inside “Certosa di Parma”, to revive the past of Roman Parma and to discover the right bank.

Price: starting from 40 euro per person

Parma ducal city, small jewel of good taste, of good living, of arts and music, of good food, often called for its charm a small Paris, also due to the echo left by Maria Luigia d’Austria, wife of Napoleon.

Since its designation as “Capitale della cultura italiana 2020”, you can breathe great cultural turmoil and innovation in Parma. Not to be missed until 4th August 2019 the exhibition “1968. A year” in the lovely gothic Abbey of Valserena, founded in 1298, known as “Certosa di Parma” with reference to Stendhal novel, and site of CSAC (Study Centre and Archive of the communication of University of Parma).
Documents, images and design objects from the huge heritage of the study centre, that testimony a key year for the history of the 20th century socio-cultural change worldwide.
A multiform chronological exposition with archive materials belonging to different sectors, to narrate the Italian transformation in the communication system, the social changes, the utopias, the new approach on the body and the environment.
In the artistic field, the protagonists are Vedova, Schifano, Ceroli, Pozzati, Borgonzoni and Xerra; the image projects bear names as Lucas, Migliori and Mulas as the broadcasting communication is documented through Armando Testa’s projects for Carosello.
The reflections on the body represented in the field of fashion and of jewel, the modified environment viewed through the architectural and territorial interventions as the city with its suburbs, the sections of motorway with rest stops, the transformation of the coast with touristic settlements as Costa Smeralda or Touring villages.

It’s worth visiting the “Ponte Romano Spazio Aemilia 187 a.C." opened last October, built in the time of Augustus; it is in the underpass at the corner of “Ponte di Mezzo” which links it to “Ghiaia”, the ancient riverbed become market area. A place of great historical interest which testimony with illustrative panels, photographic documentation, archaeological finds and the two massive arches of the bridge, the history of the Roman colony of Parma, the University hub of humanity studies and info point where cultural events will be organised. Open every day and free.
The Roman Bridge Underpass delimits the border between the two river banks of Parma, the double soul city: educated Parma on one hand (aristocratic and fashionable with the most famous monuments such as the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the ex-Monastery of San Paolo, Teatro Regio and Palazzo della Pilotta) and on the other hand “Oltretorrente” or “De d’la da l’acqua” (working-class and historically place of the “parmigianità”).
A less known and visited right bank, extremely interesting, bohemian and multi-ethnic, characterised by workshops of artisans, artists, bike shops, art galleries and bookbindery where books are still restored; time runs slower here and you can breathe the one-time good relationship, a simple and little chat.
Mythical places that endure for decades, such as the Clockwork Ferrari, one of the ancient shops of Parma, the “Bottega del formaggio”, the grocery store/winery Viani, the bakery Montali, Rizomi Gallery, the first Italian art brut gallery which represents the self-taught artists free from schools of thought. It’s worthy admiring also the liberty buildings, Parisian charm Piazzale Inzani, the Renaissance Chiesa dell’Annunziata and the historical Parco Ducale, residence of Maria Luigia with French gardens.

In order to stay in a comfortable location and to enjoy the marvels of Parma, INC Hotels, Hotel brand of the Food Valley, offers right next to the historical centre, Best Western Plus Hotel Farnese: possibility of free rental of bikes to move according to the tradition as Parma inhabitants do, traditional aperitif with Prosciutto Crudo and local Malvasia glass, double bedroom and first breakfast Km0. Starting from 45 euro per person. In the Holiday Inn express di Parma, nearer the motorway but also the historical centre the formula is the same, starting from 40 euro per person.