Biking into the biodiversity


Biking into the biodiversity

Biking into the biodiversity is a bike tour organized by an environmental hiking guide, that aims to introduce to the participants the area, according to the Parmesan custom of pedaling in the city and province.

Price: Starting from 60 euro per person

It is an exciting experience, but also a concrete moment of pleasure, in the sign of two symbols of Emilia and National gastronomy.

The route reaches the first hills of Parma, with a stop in a Parmigiano Reggiano dairy (PDO product) - where you can learn the secrets of traditional processing - and continues towards a ham factory, where it's producer the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (PDO product), wich has the inimitable taste of a product famous all over the world.

It is clear, that a part of the tour will be dedicated to the tasting of specialties of the Parma biodiversity inside the "Parco delle Terme di Monticelli", a twenty hectares parc rich in peace and nature, composed by different representative plants, majestic ancient oaks and tall conifers.

The price of this characteristic tour is fixed at the starting price of 80 euros per person, including mountain bike and helmet rental.

There is also the possibility of pre and post tour overnight stays, at the price of 70 euros per person.