Between Parma and Reggio Emilia


Between Parma and Reggio Emilia

A real food and wine tour between the excellences of Parma and Reggio Emilia.

Price: starting from € 99,00 per person

It will start with a tasting of the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Dop and a visit to the vinegar factory of one of the most prestigious Reggio Emilia farms.
You will continue your journey through the Parma hills to visit one of the producers of the famous Parma Ham.
Through the skill of one of the masters of this area, which has ideal climatic conditions for the natural seasoning that gives that unmistakable sweetness and taste to Parma Ham, we will follow the processing process from the origin to the finished product.
It will end with a tasty lunch in which it will be possible to taste typical cold cuts of the area. You will continue the afternoon by visiting a local producer of Malvasia, which you can taste in all its bouquet of perfumes and aromas in front of the Castle of Torrechiara.

Validità tutto l'anno

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