Glauco Lombardi Museum


Glauco Lombardi Museum
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The Museum draws its orging and name from the Glauco Lombardi collectionism activity, who, with absolute dedication and with his only economic resources, dedicated his life for recovering works, objects and documents of an important historical period, lasted one century. This period see parade on the scene of the Duchy of Parma first Filippo and Ferdinand of Bourbon, then Maria luigia d'Asburgo to conclude with the short reign of Charles III of Bourbon and his wife Luisa Maria. It is during Maria Luigia reign period, in her role of France Imperator and from 1816 Duchess of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla, that Glauco Lombardi concentrated his collection.

In the different rooms there are Napoleone's, Kig of Rome's, Albertino and Guglielmo Montenuovo sons's potraits and some testimonies of the long ducal age.

The Museum is composed by three sections, which give an important and exaustive idea of the City history in XVIII and XIX centuries: to the various testimonies of the long ducal phase, alternating engravings and prints by Paolo Toschi, sheets of Giambattista Bodoni, graphic and pictorial works by French authors ‘700, projects by the brilliant architect of the Bourbon court Petitot.

The Museum thus manifests in its path the pleasant coexistence of official life and private life, sometimes caught in its most intimate manifestations, of a court of the last century.