Sant'Agata Villa Verdi


Sant'Agata Villa Verdi
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In Roncole Verdi, a little village near Busseto City, Giuseppe Verdi was born 1813 and between Roncole and Busseto he lived his childhood and adolescence. Later during the middle age, famouse and reserched in the best lounges in Europe, He wanted to built his house not far from Busseto and Roncole Verdi.

His little "kingdom", where he founded inspiration for his works, where he could cultivate his passion for the land and for hand-works and where he could retry himself from the external world without lose his contacts.

Villa Verdi is the most intimate and most realistic Giuseppe's dimension, because he didn't only live the house, but also he sketched and adapted the house to his sensibility, as he did with one of his most famous work.

The house, surrounded by a six hectars park, which was wanted and projected by Verdi, hosts now Maria Filomena's descendants family, one of his heirs, that, respecting Verdi's voluntee, preserve it unchanged both outside and inside. For Verdi's love for the Park, now very old, the testimoniance is the letters written by Giuseppina Strapponi, Verdi's wife, dates on 14 June 1867 to the Countess Maffei.

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