The Mastio and little Theatre of Vigoleno Castle


The Mastio and little Theatre of Vigoleno Castle

The little Theatre of Vigoleno Castle takes part to Open Theatres, on the 4 weekends of May 2021 the historical theatres of Emilia open their door to the public.


The Mastio was in the past the extreme defense of the fortified complex, consisting of the long ravelin and the walkway that from the Mastio itself leads to the south tower and the castle. 
It is spread over 4 floors: the last one consists of the crenellated roof from which it is possible to enjoy an extraordinary view of the surrounding hills that dominate “Il Parco Fluviale dello Stirone”, a reserve that has significant elements of geological and naturalistic interest.

The little Theatre is probably one the smallest theatres in the world, it features a rectangular room with 12 seats only, in a fortified medieval complex.
It was designed by Russian painter Alexandr Jacovleff in the twenties. Exotic style and rich in symbolism, the hall is a triumph of suggestions and details bound in a dense vegetation that reminds of Severini’s magic realism.



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