Rosa dell'Angelo Prosciutto Bar


Rosa dell'Angelo Prosciutto Bar

Rosa dell'Angelo commitment is protecting artisanal production and supporting agricultural biodiversity.

Our black pigs belong to an ancient local breed that had once almost completely disappeared. They are left free to roam the fields and woods in sun, rain, or wind. The animals feed on fresh grass, barley and wheat as well as broad beans, berries, roots and acorns.
That's why our production is special from the beginning, our meat has different qualities due to the type of outdoor breeding, the ancient processing by hand and using only salt with a long period of seasoning.

Join us and discover our black pigs free in the woods of Rivalta (Parma) and learn how we produce our artisanal ham cured 36 months.
On appointment we host guests to discover our company, from Monday to Friday.

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