Restaurant Da Faccini


Restaurant Da Faccini

Located in Loc. Sant'Antonio, 3 km from the picturesque medieval village of Castell'Arquato.

For 4 generations the Faccini family has welcomed its guests in the restaurant that the great-grandfather Giacomo founded in 1932. At first only tavern and workshop where to buy the typical products of the Piacenza enogastornomic tradition, is with his son Francesco and his wife Albertina that is also obtained the space for the constitution of the restaurant that is known today.

In the kitchen, the expert hand of Albertina gives life to traditional dishes such as pisarei and fasò, anolini in broth of three meats, tortelli "with the tail", guinea fowl cooked in clay (historical dish of the local), boiled and roasted, dishes that today the daughters Paola and Barbara still prepare in accordance with the teachings handed down to them by their mother. 

The dinner room is wisely managed by his son Massimo, whose legacy is passing to his nephew Alessandro, Paola's son, who looks to the future of the company: carrying on the family tradition, revisiting it in a contemporary key. Its task to seek the best wines and the best artisanal cured meats.

The restaurant is, in fact, also renowned for the excellent cured meat of the Piacenza tradition served. On request, can also be purchased in the historic shop.

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