Pieve di San Vitale


Pieve di San Vitale
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In the monumental-archeological area in Pieve di San Vitale, exploration activities with a historical and cultural nature are organized by Bailando with a particular attention to the wide territory in which the area is - in particular ancient paths like Via Matildica del Volto Santo and Spallanzani path. In addition, there is a collaboration with other territorial associations for realizing events for cultural promotion like seminars, concerts and conferences.

There are also didattic labs, realized in a multimedial prospective and suitable for all the school grades and orders, which unifying the stone museum finding analysis (Pieve's heart), ancient documents and storytelling activities, can accompany the student to discover the territory through the history lens.

About the hospitality, the ancient vicarage was restored and transformed in a Hostel, which can host 30 people, with annexed Restaurant. In particular, the Restaurant is characterized by traditional and local dishes, realized by high quality raw materials km0.