Olgisio Fortress


Olgisio Fortress

The Olgisio Fortress is one of the most ancient and suggestive fortify complex in the Piacenza territory, both for the position which dominants the Tidone and Chiarone steams and for the architecture.

Accordly to some legends, Giovannato was the Castel owner, Father of Holy woman Liberata and Faustina. The first realistic information about the Castel comes from 1037, when the San Savino monks became the owners until 1296.

From 1378 to 1850 the Castle was owned by Dal Veme Family, and then passed to Zilieri Dal Verme Family.

It's a complex defensed by six orders of boundary walls and from 1979 the Castle has been owned by Bengalli Family who with sacrifice has saved this legendary and historical castle.

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